Dalian ,Liaoning , City at the shore , fall = top destination, winter = flop destination,

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arnecgerson insider tip ! Dalians best of the best listed: 

accommodation = Fraser Suites , 5 stars , huge pool, friendly and professional staff, modern rooms incl. kitchen and laundry facilities, fast and free internet,free parking, great location.


foodies= eating out at Galleria or Pavilion , watch our insider pictures at foodies best of bills and scroll down at consulting page to our food guide. or why not purchase organic and western groceries at icon Ole' supermarket ,paddle your own canoe, prepare a yummy feast in your private Frasers Suites kitchen and take all out to the shore for a copious picnic.                          Arne Christian Gerson

why you should go to Dalian? Okay! Some ideas: 

The Ocean and fresh breeze, good air (fall!) , clean water, beaches and tranquil hinterland.

Book a sailing trip , eating out at Galleria and Pavilion , have a beer and french fries or hotpot with an ocean view at harbour terraces, stay at famous Fraser Suites.Sit back and take things easy.

Dalian tries the balancing act between tourist destination and a heavy industry city, with smokestack industries,anyone can see that! It does not work worth a damn.

Best conditions in fall. The winter is cold and the air is bad.Thanks god: Fraser Suites fits at any time of the year.